Weekly Hair Tips

Nail Fun

Summer is all about having some fun and enjoying the sun. So spice it up with this nail design.

Mens Summer Style

Mens styles normally don't change much, but this summer they are making big changes. Guys find out what you can do to stay with the times.

Summer Fun

Summer is all about color this year, and actors like Kelly Osborn are showing us how it is done. Lets have a little fun this year with our hear.

Color Change

It never fails that as the season change so does our hair color.With summer approaching a lot of people will be taking there hair from dark to light. Doing this can be very hard on your hair. So we have provided you with a few tips to keep your hair in shape during this transition and after.

Summer Nails

Nothing like enjoying the change of season, like getting your nails done! But ever wonder what is the trending colors, what designs are now in, etc... Well find out what to expect this summer season, and be ready for your next nail appointment.